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With front suspension and a spring cushion seat, prepare for a smooth ride with pedal-assist on or off-road.


Of course, if you don't want to pedal, just toggle the thumb throttle for a stressless motorcycle-style ride.




Dual Battery 50E Available
Double your range on a single battery charge (Up to 100 miles)


Brake Light
Brake lights now integrated with brakes, ensuring safety while on the road


Torque Sensor
Our new advanced torque sensor makes your Ebike highly responsive to your very whims


Super Bright Headlight, 120 Lux
Custom-made headlight powered from the main battery. Can be seen from a distance of about 5 km / 3 miles.


Two LED lights are powered from the main battery. In addition to functioning as a brake light, it comes with flashing mode and normal mode.


Torque Sensor
Calculates the force applied to the pedals and responds with the needed power. When it comes to battery consumption, torque sensor technology is more efficient.


High Rise Handlebar
Ride this aggressive machine while in a relaxed position. The handlebar allows for a more upright seating position and can be tilted backward and forward until it feels just right.


Nickel Gears 11- 32 Tooth
The wide range of gears allows you to ride the bike in a regular fashion, without the use of the electric motor. With such a range of gears, you can climb higher and go much faster. The nickel plate covering the sprocket protects it from rust and corrosion.


Fork Suspension
Unlike a traditional bike, the fork suspension offers extra comfort whether on or off-road. The fork can also be locked into aggressive mode to enjoy a rigid ride.


Puncture Resistant Tires with Reflective Strips
The tires come with K-Shield layers to reduce punctures, as well as reflective strips to increase night visibility.


Thumb Throttle
Whether tired, stuck, or just for fun, feeling the rush of the instant boost makes life a bit more interesting. The boost is proportional to the throttle; the further you push the stronger the boost. Change is good from time to time.


Rapid Shifter
Equipped with the smooth shifting upgrade, the new Shimano ergonomic shifter allows you to shift 3 clicks with one push.


Selle Royal Spring Cushion Seat
Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride on different kinds of terrain while the extra springs do the hard work and absorb all the shocks.


Rear Rack and Mudguards
Multipurpose rack used to carry numerous items. Mudguards (fenders) help protect against dirt, mud and water splashes.


Advanced software allows users to customize the controller settings to their preferences. One of the key features is enabling/disabling the secure lock, setting/removing the speed limit, changing the motor response mode, setting the range of pedal assist, enabling / disabling cruise control...

Rize Leisure 2023

SKU: Leisure2021
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